Tuesday, November 1, 2011

C4K Summary #2


My first Kid was Rohan. He was a new blogger and didn’t have a lot of posts. He did however; post several math games and other education games that he enjoyed. Rohan told that his favorite sport was soccer.

The second Kid was Shelby. She wrote her blog on “How fast an average person walks.” She explained how fast a person walks which is about 2.5 miles per hour. The speed is about 5 km per hour. She described how age, weight, and height can play a part in determining how fast. I responded to her explaining my name, major, and school I attend. I told her how interesting and helpful her post was on giving information. She responded back telling me she appreciated my comment. To also give her any ideas on correcting it and making it better she would use them.

The third was Rachel. Her blog was about having a Spirit week at her school to celebrate homecoming. She told what the theme was for each day of the week. Rachel described each outfit she had worn from head to toe. I responded to Rachel by giving my name, major, and school. I told her I loved reading her post on the spirit week. I then talked about her outfits being really creative and spirited. I gave some background on how I also enjoyed homecoming and spirit week at my high school. Rachel also replied back telling me she enjoyed my comment. Also how much fun and enjoyment she had during that week.

My Fourth kid was named Ella. In her blog she wrote a description about her dog named Pip. She talked about what Pip loves to do, and how great of a dog he is. Ella included very cute photos of Pip. She also told that he will be 1 year old on November 18th. She posted questions at the end asking: What is your favorite type of dog? do you have a dog and Name? What type of dog? I responded with stating my name, school, and major. I talked about how adorable Pip was. I told her she seemed like a great dog owner. I also answered all the questions she has asked in her blog. It was a happy post to read.

The last kid was named Quasia. She is in Room 12 Mrs. Keri Bark’s class at Pt. England school in Auckland, New Zealand.  Her blog was entitled “Large Rodents.” In her blog she had created and posted a short 42 second video on a Canadian Beaver. At the beginning she explained the characteristics of the beaver and what it is known for. In the last few seconds the beaver demonstrated cutting down the tree. I responded with my name, major, and school. I told Quasia how excellent her video was. I told her I liked the demonstration of the beaver cutting the tree at the end. She did a great job! 

I loved commenting on each kids blog. some of the things that post it very interesting to read and see. I enjoy leaving comments and receiving comments back from them! It gives you an insight on what kids their age are thinking and learning.

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