Thursday, November 17, 2011

Blog #13

 In My Teacher is an App the main focus is on using online courses in Public schooling. It talks about the effects, advantages, and savings that can occur from using this new technology. It can also arise a worrying question will it eliminate teachers? The article explains how many states and school districts nationwide have already transfer to using this new program for K-12. The fact of the matter is many schools are becoming more computer-based than lecturing, or using books. Virginia has added 13 new online schools, and Florida has also required at least one online course be taken. Over 30 states have now allowed students to complete all online schooling and classes. On an average of 250,000 children are enrolled in online schooling. Schools hire outside companies to plan, conduct, and establish their online schools.

In using online schools or classes many states save high amounts of money. Tax payer’s dollars are uses at much efficient prices as much as 60% less than before. Although this seems to be an advantage it plays a disadvantage in testing scores decreasing to lower scores do to online usage. Experts state “using Hybrid schooling can help blend online study with face to face interaction with teachers.” Many parents, school personnel believe this is a great invention and more flexible with time. It’s used for children of the more Modern century what do you think? The school staff has said it will not be affected but the teachers will be able to accommodate a larger number of students at the same time than before. Lesson plans are not going to be needed or to be made, grading is simpler, and attendance would increase.

My reaction to the facts and arguments made is an open minded view, but also weary of completely changing the way of educating and of schooling. My opinion is it’s a great tool in advancing, self learning, more direct instruction, and a money saver but at the same time to dependent on. Roekel president of National Education Society state “Obviously we all want to save more, but to replace teachers with online learning is a mistake!” I agree with I think he hit it head on with this statement. If the education system was left and transformed to all virtual online learning how much are kids actually learning? Why need teachers? Integrating is the best way in my opinion to introduce technology and learning all in one.  By Children educating themselves through online classes what type of educational experience are they receiving, not a great one. So many children forget about their online classes, homework and assignments, test and quizzes, or cheat their way through school how does that help benefit them in life? Online classes are a great convenient way, but should not be the sole base of learning. We should keep it the way it is, but to improve and integrate both to help fulfill the full educational potential. 


  1. "...also weary of completely changing the way of educating and of schooling. " weary or wary?

    " much are kids actually learning?" How do we know in traditional classrooms? Maybe they learn facts for a short time, but is that what we want? My educated guess is that about 1/3 of all students in EDM310 can't do basic math (I used to test for that). And about 1/3 cannot write satisfactorily. And about 40% have no ability to meet deadlines. And they want to be professionals.

  2. Hi Morgan,
    I really enjoyed reading your post. When I read the article the first thing that came to mind was "This is going to take away so many teaching jobs!" I'm not exactly sure if this is the best idea to have online schools considering how badly the students have been doing on the tests. Maybe if they just did it half online and half in the classroom.