Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Blog Assignment # 14

While exploring Jose Picardo’s  Educational Blog I was able to find the long list of resources provided to be very interesting. By reviewing the list of resources I found it to be very helpful to new upcoming educators or pre existing educators everywhere. This list provided free resources from A to Z of things Educators could use in the classroom daily. There were almost over half I’d never heard of or knew about, but sounded very useful to use in learning. This shows me how useful and important Edm 310 is to educators and is to learning the use of technology. The many things we are learning or have learned so far do not even begin to cover the whole technology world.

While watching top ten tips for using technology in classrooms I was able to learn more about the tips of what and how to incorporate them into the classroom. Listening to all the great tips in just four minutes made me even more excited to involve technology in my classroom. Picardo mentioned some I have used regularly in Edm 310 such as blogging, social networking, smart board, and internet tools. The one that I wasn’t familiar with in incorporating it into the classroom was using music more often. He spoke on tuning in to what your students like and the ways you can merge it into learning. By identifying what your students like to listen to you are then able to use ITunes to your advantage in learning.


  1. Hey Morgan, I thought that using music was weird at first but it sounds fun. I don't think that is a common use but maybe it should be in the classrooms more. Just like we read about them using Nintendo DS in class that I had never heard of before either. Great Job!