Tuesday, November 29, 2011

C4k Summary # 3 November

Izbobiz A different Learning Style - The Age of Exploration: A different learning style is the first kid I was given. This blog was about learning styles and which one best suited her. She explains how she has always marched to a different beat than other kids her age. She talked about how hard it is to accommodate different learning styles of children. In her class Age of Exploration she is allowed to choose her own topics, interests, and presentations instead of being limited to one type. She was able to express her active learning style effectively and that best suits her in the class. She likes Shakespeare so she chose to research Henry VIII. I replied with my name, school, and major. I explained how her writing and thoughts were excellent to read. I also explained how great it is that she was able to figure the type learning style she learns best at. A little while after leaving the comment I received two different replies. One of the replies was from Izbobiz thanking me for my comment and compliments. The next was From Mr. Mike Gwaltney expressing his thanks to me for taking time to comment on his student’s blog. He also stated how great it was for the students to receive feedback from readers to help create conversation and replies.

 The next blog was Mrs. Yollis Classroom Blog 307-UNICEF-  This blog was about students collecting money while Trick or Treating. Each student was sent with a box to try and collect any money towards UNICEF. The UNICEF means United Nation’s Child Fun which helps feed and save children in need all over the World. The class goal was set at $25.00 they managed to collect $227.75 for UNICEF. I responded with my name, school, and major. I explained how outstanding raising that amount of money was. I talked on doing some research to learn more about what UNICEF was and who it helped. I loved how the children collected the money while Trick or Treating. They were doing something enjoyable, but were helping others less fortunate then they are at the same time.

Levi S. is a 4th grade at Point England School Auckland, New Zealand. He wrote his blog on Ice Cream Comets. His blog talked about how they had ice cream comets in class. Levi told how the teacher scooped chocolate ice cream into his hands the ice cream was so cold he wanted to drop it but didn’t. He added sprinkles which were delicious and wanted to slide a cone underneath but the ice cream was melting rapidly before he could get one. I told him my name and school and how I live in Alabama in the United States. I mentioned how that day sounded like a very enjoyable day to have ice cream in class. I said he was making me want some ice cream by reading about how good his was.

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