Tuesday, November 29, 2011

C4T # 4

  The first blog i commented on was Mrs. Hernandez's blog Taking Notes. In this blog Mrs. Hernandez explained the new method of note taking she used with her class. The class and she discussed the process of taking notes and how to take notes, also by asking the students questions about why to take notes. She then discussed and jotted down many ways of taking notes.  Before showing the movie on geography to take notes she allowed her students to choose which type of not taking they want to use. By doing this lesson about note taking and the different styles she noticed how much more her students were engage in watching the video and taking notes. The students reacted by asking questions about the video. The many styles of not taking discussed impacted the students on a good note. I responded by tell her my name, school, and edm 310 class. I explained how great it was that she explained the different styles of not taking. I also told her how it’s exciting to know just by talking about note the students became more engaged and excited about note taking and watching the video. I talked about how each student learns differently and taking notes can be one.

  The second of Mrs. Hernandez blogs I commented on was Eudblog award nomination.In Mrs. Hernandez’s blog Edublog award nomination she spoke on her nomination of her students for this award. Mrs. Hernandez said that she had never done a nomination before. Using the title the “best” is incapable of her doings.  She explains that while working with 5th graders on blogging only 3 out of 15 students have really put in effort. In doing so she has decided to nominate a student while thinking long and hard about which student gets her nomination. The award nominations include: the best teacher blog, individual blog, student blog, individual twitter, free web tool, and Ed teach and resource sharing blog. In my respond to her with my name, school, and being in Edm 310. I explained how great I thought it was to nominate students. I told her how I thought it was a great motivation and help in pushing the students to work harder.

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