Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Blog assignment # 12

Watch this video A vision of k-12 students today. Answer the following “What type of education do you want them to have?” How will you engage students to learn in the 21st century? What tools and teaching techniques do you plan on using to incorporate learning through technology? As educators what do you need to know about 21st century learners?  Express your thoughts on the questions and video.

 Watch this video Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the Learning Revolution. Write two paragraphs explaining your thoughts. Think about everything that has been presented in the video. He talks about changing from standardization to personalizing. What are your opinions on his argument? Do you agree education needs a radical shift to personalizing? As a future Educator does believe education should be customized to the actual students you will be teaching? Robinson believe this is the answer to the future change education needs to help schools flourish what do you think.

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  1. I used to use A Vision of K-12 Students Today. I may add it again.

    I am a big fan of Sir Ken Robinson. I had not listened to this talk before. Maybe I'll rotate it with the other Robinson talks.

    Your assignment is well done. You also should have "done" your assignment.