Thursday, November 10, 2011

C4K # 10 Part 1

Mrs.Yollis Class Blog

Mrs. Yollis’s blog is very instructional and educational. Mrs. Yollis’s provides every aspect of what can be done by using a blog page. She not only uses it for her classroom and students, but for parents to be involved in their child’s learning.  In the month of November she has named it family blogging month she invites relatives, moms and dads, grandparents, and siblings to comment on the child’s blog. The parents have really enjoyed this; because they are able to see what their children are doing, learning, and the progress they have made over the weeks in writing, spelling, and grammar. Mrs. Yollis doesn’t limit a topic but encourages all different types from responses after lessons to their choice of travel, to Halloween. I loved the fact that she incorporated skyping with classes from different states across the U.S. In talking with different classes they are able to learn Social Studies, Geography, and facts and similarities of another state. They are able to learn on more broadly while enjoying it. The blog consist of many different pages and facts. She offers an educational wiki calledEducational Blogging . This has videos of tips and ways of commenting, starting blogs, and topics to write, why they are useful and may other helpful tips offered to help teachers. Mrs. Yollis explains about herself and why she uses blogging and definitely teaches by exampling by blogging herself. The cluster map is very different between theirs and Edm 310 about 23,000 differences which are outstanding! I believe the difference of visitors is due to family, relatives, and different classes around the world visiting. In my opinion Mrs. Yollis’s blog is very instructional. It offers great tips and encouragement in learning about technology and the tremendous affects it can have.  She provides examples of the educational factors that can take place and how it’s taught correctly the kids can not only learn but be interested in what they are learning. You are able to see all the many ways it can be used and in all age groups.

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  1. Now you have seen an example of what a single teacher can do through blogging and a network of helpers otherwise known as a PLN. Are you ready to be the next Mrs. Yollis? Will you be the next Mrs. Yollis? We hope so.