Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Final PLN report

My PLN  is complete!I found my PLN to be very helpful in saving and organizing all my resources. In my PLN I have organized it into color codes and sections depending on what the category is. In my reds I have all my tools for learning as in you tube videos such as; Sir Ken Robinson, and other assigned videos that I have really enjoyed. Also in read is the google and encyclopedia. In my browns I have my news icons. In pink I have all my social networking tools such as wiki, facebook, and my blog. In my oranges I have all my music icons that categorize one another. In blue I have my applications and utilities. In mt black is my contact tools for emails, and my business. In white are all my school websites. My PLN is very organized to my preferences I have only a few titles left and looking forward to filling those in the future. I have loved and enjoyed having a PLN and plan on expanding it way more in the future. I love that I was able to edit and choose my own colors and websites to put on there.

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