Saturday, October 29, 2011

Blog Assignment # 10


Do you teach or Do you Educate

Do you Teach or Do you Educate was an awesome video. It’s one of my favorites I’ve seen thus far. I added this video to my PLN. This video inspires you and really makes you stop and think on. The Peter Brougham and Socrates quotes at the end of the video were very meaningful and a great point to the video. I absolutely loved them. I intend on being a teacher that educates instead of just teaching a lesson then being done. I want to brighten their futures, learning, and abilities. I want to help inspire their learning and enjoyment of every subject. As a future educator I want to teach them material they can use and take with them throughout life.
I would want to encourage dreams, passions, and social matters. To help make them think on their own, and to explain no answer is the wrong answer. It is very important to have a student communication and interaction while learning. That being said I will try to have that with my students. In teaching my goal is to educate in all areas, curriculum, social networking, and technology keeping up with the latest. To make sure they gain the fullest capacity of knowledge.  Learning is not just text books, notes, and drilling it’s so much more than that. So my point is this there are many teachers but which ones teach and which ones educate? Teaching can be associated with lecturing, listening, paper, pen, notes. Educating is involving, learning, inspiring, and thinking to educate is why I want to become a teacher.

Don’t let them take home Pencils

This post presented a wonderful message to administrators, teachers, future educators, and parents. I liked how this talked about the standardized testing and scores. In my personal opinion testing is important, but it doesn’t determine learning skills or intelligence it’s to test that the given material was taught appropriately. All the specialist was concerned about was the test scores whether they were low or high and keeping them maintained in a certain percentage.  The teacher was concerned about the real problems which was not being familiar with the pencil. So noticing the problem of taking pencils home he confronted the problem and gave a solution. In my opinion as an Educator that is our purpose to find the problem and create solutions. By giving his students activities, and projects he was able to develop ideas and learning tools to interest them. The point was made about playing games with the pencils he addressed that even playing a game they could be learning in areas we can’t see. Games can be incorporated into learning skills with the use of strategies, and thinking. Using pencil helps with their writing and use of writing tool. I thought this was a great post.


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  2. Morgan,

    I think you will be a great educator one day. Your post is well written and inspiring. I like the links that you provided, as well. You are learning so much about technology and you are good at it! That will benefit you and your students so much in the future. Keep up the nice work, Morgan. Well Done.

    PS Your book trailer is very good :)