Sunday, October 2, 2011

Project # 7C4K Summary

The first comment was to a little boy named Crawford in Mrs. Krebs 8th grade class in lowa. His blog is at . Crawford wrote his blog on geocaching and a GPS. I replied to Crawford telling him where I am from and what school I went to and my major. I also explained to him have I haven’t heard of geocaching, but it sounded fun and exciting. He was a new blogger I told him I was also a new blogger.

The second comment was Aiden a boy in Mr. Mike Harris’s Room 19 in Point England School, Auckland, New Zealand. Aiden ( was a young boy In New Zealand explaining about Clevedon, England.  He talked on what special things you could find there a Farm Village and a champion winning Rugby Team. He provided beautiful pictures, and resourceful websites. I responded to Aiden explain I live in the U.S. studying Elementary Education at South Alabama. I told him how interested I was in the Farm Village and one day visiting one.

The third comment was for a classroom at St. Elmo’s on the Costal iPad Program. They presented a wonderful video of the class receiving their first iPads thanks to Lucy Buffet of Lulu’s. The video expressed interacting with classmates and teachers. You could see how feeling of happiness and excitement came out of the children. I responded to this video by explaining the joy I received while watching how excited the children were. I could also see how much more they were going to enjoy learning from this point on.

The fourth comment was Odi in Diane Dall’s 2nd grade class new blogs for students. Odi talks about how he is in the process of reading Judy Blume’s book Super fudge. He explains a little on the book and how some parts of the story relate to his life with siblings. He mentions how funny the book is to him. I reply to Odi by telling him how excited I am to see him reading Judy Blume. I begin to explain to him that when I was younger Judy Blume books were all I wanted to read. I love her as an author and her books. I had collected almost all I could of her books. Her books are great and fun books to read.

I really enjoyed reading and commenting on each of the kid’s blog.  It’s a way of communicating and getting involved with their class and blogs.  They all gave a different experience and read. I loved how they weren’t all the same. Seeing the children being able to interact with the blog site shows me how it could be incorporated into my future classroom. 

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  1. Hey Morgan!
    I enjoyed reading all of the students blogs as well. It is really a great way to interact with the children and teach us how we can use it one day in our own classrooms. I am so excited to one day teach my students some of the skills I have learned from this class!