Saturday, October 29, 2011

C4T# 3

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                                                                        Dr. McLeod's blog
The teacher’s blog I commented on was Dr. McLeod. His blog is a great resource and ideas to refer to. You can learn many different ideas daily. His first post I commented on was “5 trends for the future of education” in this post is he gave 5 highlighted points made in Mobility Shifts Conference. The five things listed were: Openness, Greater Insight in knowledge, Mobile learning, Alternative terms of assessment, and Rethinking the classroom environment. Each one gave great detail and was used by speakers from the conference. I responded by explaining who I was and how I enjoyed reading his post. I also explained how I could see how each one can be or are used in education today. The conference he attended sounded really interesting and educational. The nest post I commented on was called “Districts are still fearful of teacher’s communication with students on Facebook.” In this post Dr. McLeod talked about how he just learned of a school district dealing with the issue of teachers using facebook with their students. He makes a reply to the superintendent that told him with explaining how Facebook is like any other use of social media. He gives the statement that Facebook is public unlike via emails which are not public. His reasoning for thinking it was better that as long as it was appropriate why is so concerned. My reply to this post was explaining how I agree with some of his points made but also disagreed and understood the schools issues and concerns. I believe when used appropriate it could be good when using a student school page not regular page to page. I believe in it has advantages but also disadvantages as any technology. Both posts were excellent to read as are all of his posts. He comments and post daily which I liked.


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  2. Thanks. I corrected it and added the link.