Sunday, October 2, 2011

Blog assignment #6

The video was a great presentation of networking in the 21st century. The video explains a student researching a topic of his choice. He searches all his information through Goggle Scholar to find all the answers to his questions. In using Google Scholar he was able to contact many famous scholars through the web instead of person.
I did not have a surprised reaction to this video. Edm 310 is the exact same thing it provides me with the same information, and delivers same websites and processes. The question “Why does the networked student even need a teacher?” I believe the teacher is still needed by students no matter what area the student is in. You still need a teacher to help provide the correct steps, information, and give helpful resources to use. The teacher is there to help assist you through the process. If the students have questions, and concerns the teacher is there to help answer the questions. Teachers are still needed to the student.
“Am I prepared to be a teacher to a networked student?” Yes, I believe I am prepared and will have gained all the correct ways of teaching a networked student. Edm 310 helps provide the steps in fully understanding all the advances on the internet, technology, and social networking. Although networking is great I do not prefer to teacher all too networked students or only about networking. I believe in teaching one on one it is important in involving teachers and students together in a classroom setting.

I really liked her PLE and the way she had she had all her icons organized with one another. Her PLE was very full and colorful. The icons she chose were all different colors which categorized each one so she would know which belong together. My PLN is not fully completed but is similar to hers. The difference between her PLE and my PLN is mine is not as full. My icons and selected learning tools are somewhat different. Some similarities in her and mine is we have some of the same icons. We both organized them according to the icon. Each was color coordinated.  As I continue to work on my PLN I will use her helpful tips and ways of organizing and apply it to my own PLN.

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  1. "Although networking is great I do not prefer to teacher all too networked students or only about networking." What does this mean? Don't forget to proofread and to add links!
    I hope you take advantage of your PLN, it can be very handy when you have a classroom!