Saturday, October 8, 2011

C4T #2

In Steve Wheelers post “Business Games” he spoke on teachers and businesses sharing their information freely. Mr. Wheeler asked many questions referring to believing whether or not it was a good idea to share information freely? Would it cost businesses lost revenue? He stated a lot of teachers share their content freely makes sense to other educators by gaining larger audiences for ideas. I Responded to Mr. Wheeler’s post in stating that I believed teachers should share their information freely to help produce better learning. Teachers gain more ideas and resources. I shared with him that I liked what the company Unity did. They helped provide software for a cheaper affordable price and if the product was liked you were able to buy the higher priced version.

 I enjoyed reading the second Post “In the Same Boat”  . Mr. Wheeler spoke about teachers of different fields and different countries all being in the same boat with problems within the education system. He believes because of these problems educators should remain in contact.  Mr. Wheeler believes with the teachers experiencing all the same problems remaining in contact and helping with the pressures the Government will finally stand and done something. In this post he describes how the web was one of the important discusses made. They talked about how crucial it was to use and know the criteria of using social and web media within classrooms. He then explains how important it is to involve the kid’s excitement in learning. He posted different teachers suggestions which was very encouraging and provided helpful tips. In my respond to this post I explained how much it relieved me to see all different teachers from different areas in the same boat with the system being broken. I pointed out statements that really stood out. One was stated by Ferran Ruiz Tarrago “being an educator you are to Strive to be excellent in an imperfect system.” The next one was by Julia Minguillon which was “As an educator you are encouraged to help make changes to better and reform the education system”.

I liked both posts on Mr. Wheeler. I enjoyed seeing him have a new post every day. He kept you motivated to want to read more and learn more. His post includes teachers and discussing ways of helping each other to better the students learning ability. The second post was above all my favorite post. I loved how he was giving encouraging advice and extending ways of bettering your Teaching techniques. He offered other educators advice and helpful tips in bettering the system. Overall he is very interesting and has many great posts to read.

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