Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blog Post # 9

#1 teacher

May 27, 2009 “What I’ve learned this year”

I really liked reading this post. I feel like Mr. McClung offered advice to new educators, students majoring in education, and starting in the profession. The advice that was given gave ways to help you through teaching and important things to keep in mind. One of the main points he made was to “always have your students in mind.” You have to remember their learning skills and make it student involved. The comment I liked most was “no lesson is ever perfect, the lesson you teach and the one you plan are always different.”( This really stood out to me. When your lesson you created isn’t step by step, or not as informative as you’d like its ok. You can’t worry on it you have to work harder to correct it next time. “Be reasonable” was another comment Mr. McClung really emphasized on. My reaction to this was he was exactly right about being a teacher being reasonable is a major key. All your students will not be on the same levels in learning they all learn differently. When a certain goal is not met, we the teachers are there to not scold about not meeting the goal, but to give encouragement to help them work harder next time. Mr. McClung made an excellent point on listening to the students. In order to let the students know we care about them and their learning is to simply listen. As Mr. McClung says “Take an interest in their lives”(, the student will take notice that you care deeply. The last important things I saw talked about was never stop learning. The changing in technology, learning, and tools it’s important we grow as well. Being an educator it is very important we take in as much of the new learning and ideas we can. We are not only growing stronger in the profession, but helping to better our student’s education and knowledge.

Thursday June 23, 2011 “What I learned this year”

Reviewing Mr. McClung’s end of the year reflection was very interesting to read. In reading the blog I was able to get a sense of guidance almost like I was being mentored just by reading. I thought this feeling was great to receive just from reading a blog. All his comments made were so wonderful and helpful. Mr. McClung made the statement  “Our decision making process should always be student centered and not centered on pleasing adults.” ( This quote really made me understand how important it is to have your students come first, not being left out. I sometimes try to be a people pleaser by reading this comment I was able to grasp pleasing everyone should not be important, but why we choose this career. Mr. McClung pointed out to “always keep your excitement”, whether others agree or disagree. You have to remain happy about your teaching and the new changes. You can’t let others non excitement or unhappiness ruin yours or discourage you. Be happy with the teacher you become, it’s okay to be the odd ball out and the black sheep. An s long as you stay true to yourself and methods you’ll do just fine. I feel the most important point Mr. McClung stressed was “Don’t touch the keyboard”(, in other words let the students learn to think on their own. I believe this is crucial in education. In teaching giving a student a task and the task becomes difficult for them, we can’t jump in to complete it for them. If we do the work and complete the given task then what was the point of giving it to the student if he or she didn’t complete the work. What did they learn? Were they able to think for themselves? The answers are no the students didn’t gain anything from the work. The teacher taking control doesn’t help teach. The student doesn’t experience learning and thinking for themselves or on their own. If we allow that the student will not learn or master the skills taught to them. They will always expect the teacher to do it for them and not gain any knowledge. We as educators need to encourage and teach the student to think and process on their own.

Both post were very enjoyable to read. These by far were the best I’ve read, and my favorite I wanted to keep reading. I felt guided on what the first, second, and third year will be like and all the different things you will experience and learn. I liked how he expressed how there will be bumps along the way, but learning from each can help improve the next year. Also take each mistake and error and learn from it. Always try in every area to better yourself as an educator. Set out to keep learning the more you learn the more you grow in teaching and helping prepare for the future. I will keep up on this blog often to learn more! He provide great tipsto take with me on my journey and help me become a great teacher!


  1. Hi Morgan,
    I thought that our blog post #9 assignment was really cool and super beneficial. I really like how he gave such good advice that applied to even us at our stages right now in school. I thought that you did a good job on this post. I as well liked the comment he made about "always keep your students in mind". I think that it is such an important issue that all teachers and future teachers must remember.

  2. You are still using just the URL as the button. Make different words a button. Maybe you are responding to the plagiarism lesson. Just make the title of the blog a link and all is fine and it looks better too!

    "I was able to grasp pleasing everyone should not be important" the sooner you learn that you can never accomplish this the more effective you will be.

    What we hope is that you will be writing reflections like this soon and we can use them in EDM310.

    Thorough. Thoughtful. Well done.