Saturday, October 8, 2011

Blog Assignment #7

                                 Randy Pausch The Last Lecture

Randy Pausch’s Video the Lat Lecture: Achieving your childhood dreams was incredible. Even with Pausch being diagnosed with cancer he still has an enlightening attitude. Randy remained happy and finished what he loved to do in helping to teach through lectures. I was very interested in the video and what he wanted to say. I loved how he was not wanting pity, or to discuss his condition and dying. He wanted to really talk on dreams, and lessons learned about education.
Pausch talks on childhood dreams. He explained about how his dream was to become a football player. What really caught my attention is when he quoted his football coach’s valuable words. Randy stated “If your screwing up enough times and no one tells you it means they have given up, If someone tells you when you screwed up they haven’t  and they care.”  This was really meaningful in all aspects of life, especially in education. In receiving criticism sometimes it’s hard to really grasp, or taken the wrong way. Hearing that statement just means receiving criticism is that much more important in correcting your screw ups and having someone care enough to help you.
    Another teaching method he used was the data table which was a wonderful idea.  They made a data table which indicated how easy you were to work with in a group and how hard you were. It was used in evaluating and giving positive tips and criticism to fix some of the things that weren’t effective. It’s always important to know how well you are to work with and if you are easy to work with. In providing the table it’s great to receive the stats of how your peers rate your working ability. You are able to see what you can correct and work harder. Randy spoke on using it as self reflecting on you. Also I liked how he mentioned, “We learn from our students”, I believe this is very true. You can learn new ways about doing things and using them with students. You are able to receive new generation outlooks, and creative ideas.
    Randy Pausch has provided “4 ways of having people help you.” He stated: Tell the truth, be earnest, apologize when you’re wrong, and focus on others not yourself (Randy Pausch). These are the most important tips that can be given. Being honest creates a trust. It shows people they can put trust in you and extend a helping hand. Being able to apologize when you’ve made a mistake or at fault is respectful to people it encourages them to help you correct it. The last is one everyone should take into account which is being able to focus on others instead of you.  I believe they are great classroom values that can be used to help teach kids.  Knowing and learning each can help them with a mentality of helping others and in return you will receive help. Lastly I loved the “brick walls” Randy used in the lecture. Brick walls are everywhere in life in careers, school, marriages, and finances. Randy’s advice was to not let them stop you or hold you back, but work much harder! To me Randy has faced a few brick walls in education, and health determining his life, but yet he still remains the happy person he is. He has pushed the brick wall down just by not giving up and remaining himself. I think this is a great method in teaching children and adults. It helps show them nothing in life is easy but as long as you work hard, and not give up you are able to accomplish anything and everything you set your mind to.
In my opinion this video was very inspiring to watch. It made me realize all the important things I need to be learning and teaching to other people one day.  He made the lecture for children as an encouraging message to children all over. The last lecture should be viewed by all students, leaders and teachers. Randy  Paucsh was a great leader and educator. His main goal was to help teach people, to make them learn. He wants to inspire people to achieve and pursue their dreams. No dream is to big, or to crazy set out to achieve it!


  1. I was also inspired by his video. That's true how most people with a disease gets off talking about that rather than the subject which shows how much he really cares about his topic. I agree with how he inspires people to keep reaching for their dreams. Great job!

  2. "Tell the truth, be earnest, apologize when you’re wrong, and focus on others not yourself." -- My favorite!
    Good job, don't forget to proofread and be sure you give your url links titles.