Sunday, September 11, 2011


Summary on Mr. Warlick’s Blog
In Mr. David Warlick’s post “games and rules”; he spoke on how the games and rules were when he was a kid and how they have changed over the years. He mentioned how much our world has generated more video games, and rules have changed for our kids. In his post he explains his generation grew up with highly defined games with rules that had no changes, nor new learning objectives and goals. Mr. Warlick questions in his post is this good or bad? The new generation today has been offered new rules, games and goals that are in fact always changing. In post #2 “we don’t trust what we can’t see”; he talked about the confidence level the public has in schools. He demonstrated the percentage with graphs to show exactly how low the confidence level in schools is to other institutions. The public’s level of confidence is an astonishing low with 37%.  In the year 1977, the percentage was 54% and the level has dropped over the years with the question “why”?  David made an excellent point in stating “people will have less confidence in something they do not see regularly, or they can be more easily dissuaded of confidence” (David Warlick; 2 cent worth).  Mr. Warlick’s point in this post was to ask how we can inspire. He makes you think about how to give the public more confidence in our schools of today.

My summary responses
I absolutely loved reading both posts from Mr. Warlick.  I enjoyed his post because they spoke strongly on real issues. The post really made me see more outside the box and really think about what he was referring to. In the post Games and Rules, I agreed with him. I noticed how the games of his generation and the ones of today have changed dramatically. I also responded with understanding how he was talking about life in general is different than his time not just games and rules. I see how games, rules, goals, and learning have changed and how they keep changing every day. The next post I responded to was called; we don’t trust what we can’t see. He speaks on the low level of confidence in our schools. I explained to him in my response I did agree with his points he made. I spoke on how I see and feel the confidence has dropped also. I stated that the amount of teen dropouts, pregnancies, drugs, and alcohol have affected the view in confidence from the public. My explanation in how to inspire more confidence was to invite them to school events, performances, and meetings to show performance our schools. I really enjoyed following his posts and views they are intriguing to read. I advise everyone to visit his page and read up on his posts. They are excellent!

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  1. Hey Morgan! Since your last post your sentences and word usage have gotten a lot better. Good job! If anything I can see that needs work it would be, to use the comma more often. Here's a hint, you know how when you're talking you'll pause between certain phrases? Well, same thing in writing. So if you're writing and you sense you'd take a pause there in speaking, more than likely in writing you'd put a comma there as well. Great response as well and I like the font you have it in!