Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blog #4 assignment

I watched the video; Benefits of podcasting in the classroom by Joe Dale. This video provided me with information on how podcasting helps in the classroom. For starters, podcasting is a good way to provide differentiation in classrooms and provide opportunities for group activities and interaction. I saw how it helps kids use higher level thinking skills and focus on the levels of blooms taxonomy. When a child is out sick or not in class, it could be helpful in giving the lesson they missed in a podcast. The one disadvantage in having podcasting is if you do not have a computer, iPod or have internet troubles. A website was given www. and is a useful free blog for teachers. Joe Dale, a 6th grade Social Studies teacher, has shown the use of incorporating podcasts with reading assignments and lessons. He uses video for a visual site showing the pictures and audio for voice of the video. Mr. Dale demonstrated sound effects, and learning in different ways. The students focus and attention span is more likely to be kept by.  The parents are able to see visually what their kids are learning in class by using podcasts.

In reading, 100 ways to use your IPod and study better, I learned the new ways of studying Apple has developed. I have an IPod, but all I have been using it for is to listen music on.  In learning about the 100 other ways to use it, I can now change it and help use it to study on the go which would be of great help! Many people are not aware of the different things available to IPods.  Education is expanding to our daily needs. Being on the go is a big part of so many people’s lives. They  are always on the go due to , kids, family, school and jobs. They have developed these new advances for all age groups.

I liked viewing the Judy Scharf Pod cast Collection. She gave a wonderful explanation on what exactly a Podcast meant. I learned it is a cross between an IPod and a broadcast such as: a talk show, or radio show. This website provided me with two helpful websites in creating and receiving help. Judy gave a list of table of contents that can offer help in topics, and questioning that could occur. I got to see how the effect of audio should sound and how it’s used in podcasting. This information given from the website was a helpful source! I am able to receive a better understanding in creating a podcast that’s fun and interesting. I knew what a podcast was but was not familiar with how to create or to watch one. I was able to gain the exact definition of what it means. 

These tips were all very educational to a new beginner as myself in using podcasts. I was given helpful tips that I will carry on. I can use this information when I start creating my podcast. I will also plan what I’m going to say and all the information before doing the actual podcast. I noticed a lot of them talked without any note cards or paper in their hands, which was great because they kept the attention on them the whole time. You really have to be involved in your podcast for the readers and watchers attention and likings. I now know the rights and wrongs in using podcasts.  The helpful tips and websites will be useful in case of confusion and not having a general understanding.


  1. Hey Morgan! I just wanted to let ya know your writing has improved tremendously! Keep it up! I also liked your "My Sentence" video. And yes, I learned so much with the 100 ways video about Apple. It's crazy how much Apple has developed and is going to continue to develop. I can't imagine what they will have created in 5 years. But, keep it up!

  2. Thorough. Your comments indicate these helped prepare you for your podcast.