Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blog Assignment # 1

Me and my Boyfriend brett

me and DraytenHi! My name is Morgan Clark I'm 20 years old with dark brown hair and green eyes. I'm originally from Petal, MS I moved to TN, then after a short period moved to Mobile, AL where I now call home. I graduated from Mary G. Montgomery in 2009 where i then went to Faulkner State Community college there i completed two years of basic classes. I have two Sisters Meagan 24, and Mckensie 17. My Mom works at Mary G. Montgomery as a Special Education teacher, and my dad is employed in parts at Coastal Ford. I have a wonderful Boyfriend named Brett whom i been dating for over a year. I am currently a junior this is my first semester as a student at South Alabama.  My major is in Elementary Education with also wanting to be certified in Special Education as well.I have chosen South Alabama due to the location and staying close to home. My passion has always been wanting to teach and be involved with helping kids this is the major reason i have chosen the education field. my theory is if i am going to have a life long career i want it to be something i enjoy and love waking up to go to work everyday.I enjoy watching football and other sports but as well as just relaxing!When i'm not at school i am at my part time job at Educator's Resource where I've worked for over two years now. I also enjoy playing with my boyfriend's little 6 year old brother drayten! My passion is wanting to teach and i can not wait to fulfill that! Well that's all about me and my life!

Randy Pausch on Time Management

 While watching Dr. Pausch 's video i learned about more effective points made on how to become more time manageable. I was shown all the different methods he describe to help manage my time more and in a easier way to help me out. Planning, making goals,and using it properly I will no longer be wasting my time, but saving it! Dr. Pausch's video gives great tips in how to manage time to successfully complete an average day with steps and processes to follow and advice to remember. I learned a great amount  of helpful time management of tips and advice to help in my own life.

Time Management Exercises and Time Management Lessons

Reading The Time Management Exercises and the lessons on The Penn State website made me advise myself to follow all the given points about managing my time right away!The helpful tips i could use in my life everyday would honestly be all of them. I need to desperately monitor my time, make a calender, a plan, and to determine my time wasters and my time spenders. These would be more organized and helpful in my day to day activities. I feel overwhelmed and extremely busy most days i lose time management. I'm A full time student, working part time, also keeping up with school work and class has my mind boggled. So in terms Time management is in need of improvement in my life and Penn State's Advice would start me off on the right track!


  1. Morgan,
    It sounds like you've lived in a lot of fun places! That's great you want to be a special education teacher. I want to be one as well!
    You had a good first post with only a few minor mistakes.
    Here are some tips for your future blog posts:
    - Double check your writing for capitalization errors and run-on sentences.
    - Try to expand a little more on the assignments, like your reflection on Randy Pausch. We like specific details and bold opinions!!:]

    Come into the lab any time for help!

    Good start!

  2. Jacey-Blaire,
    yes i have lived in many different places with different experiences. Thank you for the tips they are very helpful! Those tips are things i will fix and work on in the future!